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Jolie Mae Lovett
& Anhedonia ♡
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sue b 
♡ I'm trying to train up my Bunny, Fox, Cat, Bird, Squirrel, Lamb, and Hamster. Please help if you can, it's much appreciated. My trainers seem to have fallen off the map. ♡
☆ I love the fruit machine theme this month. Collecting all items! Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you! ☆
♡ Welcome Friends ♡ Happy New Year ♡
I apologize for not sending as many gifts recently. I also haven't been able to keep up with my "thank you's". Please forgive me. I'm having issues with my health and have fallen behind. I hope to catch up but please know I greatly appreciate all visits, feeds, gifts, and messages. Sending well wishes and much love to you all. I hope you all know how much your kindness means to me and how valued you are as a member of the PnF community, and as a friend. Thanks bunches!
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