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Grey Playful Kitten

Adopt me!
I'm an adorable kitten! I bring love and cheer everywhere I go with my quirky antics. I want to play. I love to play. I really, really love to play! I love balls of yarn and unravelling your knitting. I chase shadows, pounce on passing mice, then just for fun, I let them go. My claws are not for hurting other pets, they are for climbing trees. I am one of the best climbers, second only to funky monkey; but he cheats by using his tail! And I'm not that good at the getting down part.

If you have a lap, then I'd love to curl up there and purr softly while you pet my fluffy fur. Even if it's been a long day and you're too tired to do much, I'll be content just sitting with you and enjoying your company. Being with you makes me purr. Otherwise I'll probably go to sleep in some impossible position. When I wake up, if the sun is shining, you'll find me basking in its warmth.

Find newly adopted pets and inspire them to great things with your affection and belief in them. No doubt they'll be so pleased, they will make something specially for you! (You can use this skill on your own or with others.)

Your pet will be able to go where no pet has gone before, and with a bit of luck they will be able to get back down as well. They will probably find some things no pet has found before, too! (You can use this skill on your own or with others.)
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