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Denmark's best known statue has again been subjected to vandalism, as the Little Mermaid has been painted red, probably during the night.

On the asphalt near the statue, the perpetrators have written a message against the capture of whales in the Faroe Islands, and it is far from the first time that the Bronze statue has been the target of political messages.

For example, the Bz movement, Greenpeace and Youth House demonstrators have also used the statue for that purpose.

The first vandalism occurred in 1961, where the statue got the hair painted red and was wearing underwear.

Before then, the artwork had been allowed to stand relatively undisturbed for almost 50 years since the mermaid was placed at Langelinie in 1913 as a gift from brewer Carl Jacobsen to Copenhagen.

The list of vandalism was longer, for a year and a half later, the Little Mermaid was painted again.

The pictures went around the world when the maiden's head had been sown for the first time in 1964. The head was never found so a new one had to be cast.

In 1984, the statue lost its right arm when two perpetrators missed it, they explained the police.

The head was again sacked with a dump in 1998, but this time it appeared after a few days.

In 2003, the 175 kilo heavy statue was blown out of its rock in the middle of the night.

There were several holes in the bronze, but the statue was restored and set back on Langelinie.

Jagtvej 69 demonstrators covered the tourist magnet with bath cap on its 100th birthday before the statue traveled to China at the 2010 World Exhibition a few years later.

The 165 cm tall statue is created by sculptor Edvard Eriksen, and is modeled after his wife, Eline
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