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Jolie Mae Lovett
& Sullivan


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A journey of love...

Some of you may have noticed the heart always visible on Idea's backside. She was not born with it, but nonetheless she's very proud to display it. If you've read Idea's description, you're familiar with her escape from the evildoers who quickly destroyed her beloved fluffy land, and all she lost in the process. Idea lost family, friends, and all her extremely hard earned wealth. Though she was gripped by heartache, Idea realized that the further away she ran from her crumbling homeland, the more this heart began to surface on her backside. She's been through so much from then until now, but is happy to settle in her new PnF home. Idea is sure that the heart on her backside is a sign of love. A constant reminder of the love she found in her previous land, and a sign of strength to seek the same kind of love in her new one.

Cheers to Pets 'n' Friends!

... .. . with plenty of room to grow.
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