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Winter Games 2018

Careening down the snowy mountain on a snowmobile, Scaredy Cat is in complete amazement. He somehow got talked into trying out for the 2018 Winter Games and, surprisingly, was selected to be a part of the extreme sports team representing Team PnF! Extreme sports?!?! How does a cat who gets nervous at seeing his own shadow get involved in extreme sports?? Who knows? he speeds down the mountain, he overtakes the world's #1 ranked winter athlete and all of a sudden, he's in the lead and heading for the finish line! Scaredy Cat is making headlines as he zooms through the finish line, taking first place and the gold medal!!!!!!

As a large part of the world stops its regular routine to watch the Winter Olympics taking place in South Korea, many of the pets in PnF are doing the same for the 2018 Winter Games. So this week, we're going to focus on how your pet is getting into the biggest winter sporting event in the world. Are they watching every event possible - either on the television or on the world wide web? Are they getting together with their pet friends and heading to the nearest sports club to watch their favorite events, cheering on their favorite petletes? Do they have family members actually competing for gold? Or are they totally not into sports of any kind and would rather read a book or go on a walk in the park to feed the ducks? Maybe they would prefer to make a quilt (if they're into that kind of thing)? Whatever your pet does during the Games, we can't wait to see it!!

Here's the basics:
Your submission MUST be related to the theme
You must submit your art to the PnF art gallery - only entries there will be counted.
* Put "Winter Games 2018" in the title or description
* The entry with the most votes will be declared the winner.
* To vote, click the "vote" button - you may vote for as many entries as you want
* Voting will be open immediately
* This challenge will be open from now until around 12:00am GMT February 20th (around 7:00pm Tuesday night in the USA).
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