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Red Feisty Fox

Adopt me!
I'm a clever fox with a special talent: I like to make things. When I'm not doing that, I particularly enjoy listening to music and relaxing with my friends. The rumour that I chase chickens is completely unfounded! I love to help others and I love the great outdoors. Let me dream up wonderful things for your garden like gazebos, garden arbours and water fountains to create a peaceful, relaxing place for you.

Your pet will be able to create useful or funny things which can appear in your pictures and stories; or trade them with those unable to make your special products! (You can use this skill on your own or with others.)

You will be able to help others achieve great things through your wise and sage advice. And you'll probably find a way to convince them how wise it would be to help you out with your needs, too --- (You can use this skill on your own or with others.)
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