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Your in-game friends list

In this video, you will learn everything there is to know about the relationship between your Facebook and in-game friends lists, how to add friends, how to keep track of changing relationships, and how to visit your friends, using a powerful tool built into the game.


Since this video was made, we have upgraded the site considerably. The main differences to the content shown are:

  • The 'troll' button has become a 'folder' icon with a red triangle on it.
  • The blue and green 'bird' icons have now been removed. A 'scribbling spider' icon has replaced one of them.
  • The 'T' (for 'text advice') icon is now always present on your own page.
  • Shapes are no longer sold in different sizes; pets, foods, drinks and gems are still sold in different sizes.

If you have problems with the video, try this link.

The video controls are at the bottom; scroll down if you cannot see them.