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minis the Dwarf Hamster (male)
Birthday: 2019-06-07 Adopted: 2019-06-07.

Skill: 1250 (Raw Recruit)

Mood: 800 (Braking)

Best: 436 r.p.m.

Excuse me? Do you happen to be in the market for a ridiculously cute hamster? I’m especially itty-bitty and soft, and mama said my manners are impeccable. My favorite colors are any color that highlights my pink hands and feet, and my adorable face. I will only chew on approved toys and I definitely will not pop the lid on my hamster ball and run under the oven and scare you half to death by making you think you’ve baked me along with the Sunday roast. I will only squeak my wheel when I know you’re fast asleep, and I will nap when you are awake just to make sure I’m not a fuss. May I share that broccoli stalk? Oh, and a bit of that salted cracker. A peanut!? You have a peanut, too. I’m yours.

Ahem, hello, might you have any Grey Pou-pet-on? I do love a dab of spicy mustard on with my cheese. Not that it’s required. I love cheese, in general, on principle. I also love veggies, especially veggies ladled with hot, savory cheese. Nom, nom, nom, I could go on. Food is my favorite past-time. Well, other than the wheel, and that clear, tumbling ball I sometimes find myself trapped in. Oh, where was I? Yes, cheese. Well, ahem, do you?

Runnin’, Runnin’ that’s what I do, if you want a fit booty, you should, too! Runnin’ Runnin’ all through the town, from when the sun is comin’ up, til’ when it’s goin’ down! Run me in a race, I’ll leave you runnin’ in place. Because runnin’s what I do, I do it better than you! I can beat the dog, and I can be the rat, I couldn’t beat a cheetah, well, how about that? Still, I’m runnin’, I’m gunnin’ for the gold, and when they made these dashing feet, they really broke the mold!

minis's Skills

Find Food

Skill: 16934
Best: 21878
Level 2410220

minis's other achievements

This pet returned safely from the beanstalk on May 18th 2021!

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This pet wandered through Winter on January 22nd 2021!

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This pet celebrated a Tropical Christmas on December 26th 2020!

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This pet fought for fair competitions in the Fast and the Furriest, on August 1st 2019!

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minis lives here!

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